How does CV Mondo Work?

We collect CVs of Jobseekers looking for job and on the ther side we have companies interested in hiring people. Companies can search/filter CVs based on their needs and Jobseekers' actual work experience, skills, location, availability to start to work, etc.. in order to narrow down the number of CVs to read and when they find a match, companies can contact the selected Jobseekers directly.
No agent, no fees, no waiting time. Direct deal. Direct and fast hiring.

Why is CV Mondo different from other job portals?

We created CV Mondo job portal to make recruitment easier because:
1. Statistically, up-to 80% of the job Openings are not advertised, so jobseekers should not wait for jobs to be posted, but instead they can easily create a profile and we'll take their CV to the companies.

2. Up-to 75% of applicants are not enough qualified for the job they have applied for. So, we help companies save time & money by offering them free search of our CV database and the freedom to contact the selected candidate directly.

Why I cannot apply to jobs?

We don't publish job offers but CVs of Jobseekers who are looking for work. Companies can easily, freely and without limits search/view the CVs before they pay money to publish a paid job post. Therefore, we get access to a greater number of jobs and many companies who have access to the CV before they publish the job and when they really need you.

What is a job campaign?

A Job Campaign is the opportunity we give to Companies to promote their upcoming Job-Openings in advance so Jobseekers can upload their matching CV and be contacted by the Company.
Job Campaign is different than a Job Post as Jobsekekrs cannot apply directly but “the only way to apply“ is to register, upload the CV and let employers contact them if the CV matches what the company is looking for.

How can I see which companies visit my CV?

You will be notified in your profile.

How much does it costs to register?

Registration and CV Mondo short CV are forever free.
Companies can see your CV and and can contact you via the site.
For Jobseekers who want to be hired faster we offer 3 Premium packages for 1-3-6 months.
See CV Packages in your free account.

Why do I have to pay?

Unfortunately, the Law of Supply and Demand applies to the labour market as well. When job offers are at low level while the number of Candidates are very high most companies no longer need advertise their jobs.
So if you are waiting for jobs to be posted, you might be waiting in vain for your job. CV Mondo was created specifically to help jobseekers reach those jobs before Companies fill their vacancies.
For a small fee we are dedicated to providing to our jobseekers the service of finding Companies who are hiring and delivering their CV to the Company's desk as soon as the opening for the job happens.

What are those services?

Employers tend to decide if your are a “candidate of interest” in the first 15/30 seconds. Unfortunately most Candidates tend to have very extensive CV.
1. We will optimize your CV and create a short employer's friendly CV.
2. We make your CV available to companies currently hiring.
3. We promote and advertise the CV database on the web and with direct marking approach.
4. We identify daily new companies who are in need of new candidates and call, speak directly to them.
5. We cannot assure you that you will find a job here. We wish we could! But we do commit ourselves to work and promote your CV in the most effective way possible to all companies looking for a profile like yours.

How do I upgrade to Premium member?

Login to your Free account, go to CV Packages, choose the plan best suited to you and pay by Paypal or Stripe.

Can I delete my profile?

If you found a job and no longer wish to have your CV published, in your dashboard you can change your profile and CV from Public to HIDDEN with a simple click.
If you still wish to delete your profile you may do so.